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Donation from Lee Baron Bespoke Custom Tailors!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Thank you so much to Lee Baron Bespoke Custom Tailors! They have kindly agreed to make and donate 35 shirts and 40 suits. I am so amazed at the generosity we are receiving in order for us to help people that struggle to be able to get back on their feet and back into work.

"Lee Baron Bespoke Custom Tailors is a family-based custom clothing company. Established in 1962 by Jimmy Baron in Hong Kong, we produce high-quality handmade Jackets, Pants, Suits, Shirts, Jeans, Formalwear, Wedding wear, and Clergy for men and women. Our clients are our family and our quality is guaranteed. For the same or better prices than "off the rack" clothing, there is no better way to build your wardrobe and your personality than having a personal tailor.”

A large part of what we do here at Yes It’s Possible is helping people get back on their feet and into work. Often, they don’t have the suitable clothing for a job interview. Thanks to Lee Baron, we will be able to lend and give suits to those who are hoping to make a great impression at their job interviews. Lee Baron are donating suits and shirts for both males and females in all shapes and sizes. Their generosity will allow our clients a much greater chance at finding employment due to looking smart for their interviews and trial shifts.

Once someone becomes homeless, they often lose most of their possessions due to having to sleep on the streets. Due to having to carry all their possessions everywhere they go, most mainly use the clothes off their back and have no means of cleaning them. Lee Baron gifting us these suits will allow our clients to look smart without having to spend money out their pockets. We are so excited to be working with Lee Baron and are eternally thankful for their philanthropy.

Once the suits have arrived - we will show you how they help us in our day to day and post amazing photos of our important clients looking smarter than ever!

To find out more about Lee Baron Bespoke Custom Tailors head over to their website at or contact them at

If you would like to get involved and help us help those that are in need please contact:


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